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Surface Preparation

When it comes to surface preparation, you need the experts!
Whether its wood or concrete we will help evaluate and execute the preparation you need to create a beautiful finish.

Mastic Removal

When flooring is removed often there is one or many layers of “sticky stuff” (aka: mastic) that needs to be removed.  Complete floor mastic removal is always best practice for surface preparation.  Based on the type of flooring project you are working on there are various types of mastic that may be discovered and that our expert team can handle.

Black mastic removal

Tan mastic removal

Carpet mastic removal

Vinyl tile mastic removal

Flooring Surface Preparation

Flooring Authority always recommends complete mastic removal down to bare/clean concrete for surface preparation, but we will work with your budgetary needs. If black mastic or any other carpet or tile mastic cannot be completely removed then a consultation with the flooring installer or project specialist is a must.  Compatibility of the old and new mastics can also determine the scope of floor mastic removal required to be efficient.

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It is important to ensure the long term compatibility of any mastic to be left on the floor with the new products to be installed so your new floor remains beautiful for years to come. Mastic compatibility can also be complicate by moisture vapor transmission through the concrete slab and needs to be carefully examined. Floor mastic compatibility may not be an issue immediately, but it can become a serious issue over just 2 or 3 years.  Let our professional team give you the guidance you need to proceed with confidence.

Diamond grinding is just one way to execute an even surface preparation.  Grinding smooths out elevation imperfections in the concrete to help create a level surface. It also comes with the benefit of avoiding blast lines!  Once level your concrete can be stained or sealed for a practical and professional finish.

This process can remove:



Thin Set


Glue Residue



Oil Stains

Flooring Authority, Inc. is equipped to handle the worst of your mastic removal projects.
We can remove mastics in small or large areas as you need to get your job done right.
If you want it gone, we can handle it!