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Rubber Flooring

What's There to Know?

Rubber tiles are derived from synthetic rubber and are fashioned in ribbed, coin, or other raised patterns. You can find a wide range of colors and styles for your rubber flooring tiles.

Rubber Flooring is one of the most cost-efficient and “green” flooring options. Rubber contains no PVCs and can be easily recycled as it is an environmentally-friendly flooring material made from the sap-like extract (latex) harvested from the Hevea tree (Rubber Trees). Rubber flooring tiles offer you a fantastic multi-use surface that is comfortable to walk on and easy to clean. Using reclaimed and recycled materials is good for your business and the planet.

For commercial flooring rubber is extremely durable, fire code compliant, resists dents and stains, and is quiet to walk on. Rubber flooring tiles offer a unique softness that gives ergonomic comfort, slip resistance, and noise and sound deadening to make your work space more comfortable.

Rubber flooring is suitable in sports facilities, hospitals, schools and institutions, and industrial applications. It is typically used for heavy traffic areas, stairwells, sports floors, and manufacturing facilities. Rubber flooring is known for it’s durability, low maintenance, and sound absorption qualities.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring:

Minimal Maintenance
Slip Resistance
Stain resistant
Chemical Resistance
Easy Cleaning
Optimal Acoustics
Surface Resilience
Good Wear Resistance for a longer lifespan