Flooring Authority

Warehousing & Storage

We have a secure warehouse environment to manage inventory before, during, and after project completion. 

Store your material ahead of time and stay ahead of the game.

You can have us store your product in advance with no additional cost.
Ask us about your options!

Keep your space clean and running efficiently.

Our warehouse allows materials to be kept off the job site and stored out of your way.
They’re kept safe and sound and will be brought in as they’re needed.

This benefits both our team to keep install efficient and all other trades so that they can work with the space and respect they need.
You’re busy and managing a lot, let us help keep things streamlined for you.

Peace of mind for the future is a package deal.

After your project’s completion we’re able to store your warranty material safely in its designated space.  We’ll keep you a step ahead of the game if the unexpected happens.

Let us help you repair and replace any scuffs or scratches so that your space continues to look professional.