Flooring Authority


Established in 1987, Flooring Authority, Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial flooring removal, surface preparation, and installation throughout the greater Capital District area. Our services are available to businesses, general contractors, and homeowners.

Leave This Kind of Work to the Professionals

Big or small projects? We’ve got you covered. Our professional team can handle diverse venues.
With experience in hotels, corporate office spaces, medical centers, restaurants, retail stores, and property management sites our team knows how to meet your needs.

Flooring Authority, Inc. works with the known and trusted manufacturers throughout the industry to ensure your project has quality materials.
Our portfolio of installations includes tiled or rolled carpet, laminate plank and tile, composite vinyl tile, rubber flooring, and seamless sheet vinyl (a favorite for hospitals and medical facilities).

Reduce your costs by saving time

With decades of industry knowledge and experience on our team, we’re able to complete difficult and time-consuming work quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.
We keep up with the tricks of the trade and come prepared.

Our specialized equipment removes old finishes and prepares the floor for installation faster.  It can reduce the time by 75-80%!
Flooring Authority, Inc. keeps equipment in house as opposed to renting to make sure we’re ready when you’re ready without any unnecessary logistics delays.

Simplify the job

Often, General Contractors partner with Flooring Authority, Inc. to compliment their own services and utilize our expertise in the industry.
We’re particularly a favorite for removals as we leave concrete ready for installation in a flash.

Flooring contractors, general contractors, and business owners benefit from the savings and efficiency that our industry knowledge and equipment enables. We’re always happy to help our peers, but we’re also happy to help you directly. Let us work with you from start to finish to save you money.

If you would like a quote, feel free to fill out our Request a Quote form or Contact Us today!