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Leave This Kind of Work to the Professionals

Flooring Authority, Inc. is a Flooring Removal, Resurfacing, and Flooring Installation Company located in Amsterdam, NY providing services to businesses, general contractors, and homeowners in the Albany, Schenectady, and Saratoga areas of New York.

Reduce your costs by saving time:

We can do any residential, commercial, or industrial flooring removal or installation project.  In many cases general contractors partner with our flooring removal company to compliment their services and utilize our expertise in the industry.  Our specialized equipment can reduce the time of your floor removal and preparation by 75%-80%.

Simplify the job:

Our flooring removal and installation techniques allow us to complete difficult, time-consuming work quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. Our machines remove and prepare the floor for installation much faster, saving time for the installer and leaving more money in your pocket. We leave the concrete ready for installation. Flooring contractors, general contractors, and business owners benefit from the savings and efficiency that Flooring Authority, Inc. provides for your floor removal, preparation, and installation needs.

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