Flooring Authority

Flooring Removal

Our specialized equipment reduces time of floor covering removal and floor preparation time by 75%-80%. We also provide dust containment in residential spaces and occupied commercial buildings. We remove the flooring and scrape the concrete, removing anything from thin set to urethanes adhesives.  When we are through, we haul the debris away and clean the site. Specializing in hard to remove surfaces such as:

Vinyl Flooring Removal

  • Glued Down Hardwood
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Thin Set
  • VCT
  • Linoleum
  • Marble
  • Glued Down Carpet
  • Epoxy Coating

Removing Vinyl Tile (VCT), Carpet, and Quarry Tile

Removing vinyl tile and mastic can be difficult. Flooring Authority specializes in removing vinyl (VCT) tile.  Whether you have a large scale or difficult tile or carpet removal project, Flooring Authority is equipped to handle the job. In most instances, removing vinyl tile also requires mastic removal.  The newer tan mastic can be quite sticky and also difficult to remove. The older black mastic is not compatible with the vinyl tile mastics used today and should be completely removed.  Once the vinyl tile removal is complete, Flooring Authority removed the mastic by grinding.

Carpet Removal

Flooring Authority specializes in glue down carpet removal.  We also remove the carpet mastics.  When there are large scale or difficult glued down carpet removal projects, Flooring Authority is equipped to handle the job.  In most instances, glued down carpet removal also requires mastic removal, especially if there is a sticky tan mastic glue on the floor.  This mastic used to glue down carpets can make carpet removal very difficult.